This 2da contains the basic information about the game's combat styles.

Note that the information about the specific moves of each style - their range, damage, etc. - is in the Style 2das.

column meaning
Label internal name
NameRef in-game name of the style; references the dialog.tlk
DescRef in-game description of the style; references the dialog.tlk
IconRef base name of the style's Icons
StyleData references styledata.2da Source-small which lists the Style 2das
WeaponCount number of weapons
Weapon weapon model the style uses; note that J00_Rings02 and J00_Cblade02 do not exist
Duration improvised styles only; duration character spends in this style before the effect wears off
StuntModel model that contains the style's animations; see Style 2das
UseDefault there's no connection between styles and the the combat AI; these columns are probably dead weight
StartingStyle possible values:
  • 0: style is not available in the character creation GUI
  • 1: style can be chosen in the character creation GUI
  • 2: style is granted automatically at character creation time
ChargeQuanta  ???
ResistanceID references resistances.2da Source-small
CWalkSpeed speed with which the character moves while in this style
Type references styletypes.2da Source-small; possible values:
  • 0: martial
  • 1: weapon
  • 2: magic
  • 4: creature (demons, golems, etc.)
  • 6: temporary (hams, chair legs, drunken master)
  • 7: support
  • 8: spirit thief
Ready_Vfx when the character is in this style and not attacking or moving, he/she's in "ready" state; a Dire Flame user e.g. forms a fireball between his hands while in ready state; references visualcrusts.2da Source-small
Move_Vfx appears to be unused
Transformation transformation styles only; references transformation.2da Source-small
SoundSet label of the style shout in the PC's soundsets
EvasionAllowed possible values:
  • 0: attacks cannot be evaded (applies to demons)
  • 1: attack can be evaded completely
TargetingRange minimum distance before opponent becomes a possible target
ShowOpponentChi if set to 1 a chi-bar is shown over opponent's heads
HealRate unused + untested; it's possible the developers planned to make the healing rate dependent on the style; if so, they abandoned the idea
DeathEffect references effects.2da Source-small; only value found in this colum: 2 (EFFECT_DECAPITATION)
DeathEffectParameter references decapitation.2da Source-small
StyleVFXCrust constant visual crust effect; references visualcrusts.2da Source-small
StyleCost references stylecost.2da Source-small
DamageNum these columns appear to be unused; they were probably superseded by the Style 2das
SecWeaponCount dual wielding weapon styles only:
  • 0: weapon in off-hand identical to weapon in main hand
  • 1: different weapon in off-hand
SecWeaponModel model for off-hand weapon
ModelRIMS RIM that contains the style's animations
VFXRIMS RIM that contains the styles visual effects