This 2da contains all the modifications to combat styles you will see throughout the game:

  • upgrades you pick in the style level-up gui
  • weapon upgrades
  • upgrades you get by acquiring certain techniques such as Spirit of the Master
  • automatical modifications (both positive and negative) of Stone Immortal and Tempest after alignment changes

Jade Empire in Style also adds:

  • automatical modifications (both positive and negative) through specializations

The base damage, cost, speed, etc. to which the offsets in this 2da are added can be found in the *as 2das.

Scripters must also use this 2da and cannot apply effects to styles directly with Create2daEffect(). Instead you must use ApplyStyleAdvanceLine().


The effects you can apply to styles can be found in effects.2da Source-small. Only the effects with the prefix "STYLE_" seem to work - and not even all of those. Here are the ones that are guaranteed to work:

effect meaning
69 increase/decrease chi cost
70 increase/decrease focus cost
72 increase/decrease health damage
81 increase/decrease speed
84 increase/decrease chi mode multiplier
85 increase/decrease range multiplier
86 increase/decrease duration multiplier
87 permanently(!!!) adds new resistances; parameter is a row number from resistances.2da Source-small

Note that you can only use basic effects in this 2da. Using multipleeffects.2da Source-small or any other 2da that creates compound effects does not seem to be possible.


column meaning
Label descriptive name for the advancement
DescRef description of the advancement; this text is shown in the style-level-up gui; references an entry in the dialog.tlk
CostToLevelUp number of style points the player has to spend in the style-level-up gui
EffectX the Effect1, Effect2 and Effect3 column contain the advancement's effects; they reference effects.2da Source-small
ParamX Param1, Param2 and Param3 contain the offset that is added to the combat style's effects
ParamX2 this column was added in case an effect needs more than one parameter; a practical example of that is not known
ChoiceMask ???
Weapon weapon upgrade can replace the weapon's model with a different one by specifying it here
NameOverride optionally change the base style's name; references an entry in the dialog.tlk
DescOverride optionally change the base style's description; references an entry in the dialog.tlk