Powerups are the spherical objects your opponents drop in combat. [1] Picking up one of these orbs powers your character up - so to speak. There are three kinds of them:

  1. powerups that restore a certain amount of the PC's chi, health, focus or all three at once
  2. powerups that grant the character a temporary style:
    • bottles for Drunken Master
    • chair legs for the Improvised Chairlegs style
    • hams for the Improvised Hams style
  3. powerups that apply temporary effects. The "unblockable" powerup is the only one of this sort in vanilla Jade Empire.

Strangely enough combat styles - or at least the ones that can be bought in stores - are powerups as well. There are no game world models for any of the styles though. Maybe the developers toyed with the idea of having the PC's opponents drop styles in combat, but if they did, they dropped the idea instead.

The Columns of powerups.2daEdit

column meaning
name internal name of the powerup
durationtype see duration types for an explanation; the only value that seems to make sense here is 1 (DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY)
duration the life time of the powerup; this is not the life time of the powerup's effects; the duration of powerups like the "unblockable" powerup can be found in the scriptduration column in this table; the duration of temporary styles can be found in stylesuperlist.2da Source-small
useablebynpc possible values:
  • 0: powerup can only be used by the PC
  • 1: powerup can be used by NPCs as well

this is only used for temporary styles

script script that gets executed when the powerup is picked up
feedbackstrref unused by the game and untested; you're better off using DisplayFloatyFeedback() instead
soundcue sound that plays when the powerup is picked up
guiicon does nothing; maybe the developers planned for an actual item inventory in the early stages of the game and wanted powerups to show up among the gems and other things...
scriptduration duration of the powerup's effects (if any); used only for powerups that apply effects (see effects.2da Source-small) directly; does not apply to temporary styles (see stylesuperlist.2da Source-small instead)
scriptvalue parameter for the script; this value isn't simply passed to the script as an actual parameter, instead the script has to:
  1. find out what item was acquired with GetItemAquired()
  2. find out if the item was indeed a powerup by reading the TYPE field in items.2da Source-small with Get2DAEntryStringByString() or a similar 2DA function
  3. read out the item's ID in items.2da Source-small; the ID is the row number in powerups.2da Source-small
  4. use that ID to read out the scriptvalue from powerups.2da Source-small
gravityrange on higher game difficulties the PC has to pick up all the powerups himself, but on easy difficulty they drift towards the player; this column decides how close the player has to come to a powerup for it to start drifting
canusetransformed possible values:
  • 0: powerup can not be picked up while using a transformation style
  • 1: powerup can be used regardless of the PC's current style
combatonly possible value:
  • 0: powerup will remain after the combat round
  • 1: powerup will disappear when the combat round is over

  1. In chapter one - and only in chapter one - there are a few placeables such as vases that release powerups as well when you destroy them.