This 2da holds all the pre-configured data of the player characters.

While it is possible to edit this 2da, it is not possible to add or remove rows. The number of PCs must be exactly seven.

Note that the NPC appearances cannot be found in any 2da, but in the CRE files.

The Columns of players.2daEdit

column meaning
label the PC's internal name
appearanceindex references appearance.2da Source-small
name the suggested name for the character; points to an entry in the dialog.tlk
startingstyleid1 the suggested martial style; references stylesuperlist.2da Source-small
startingstyleid2 the mandatory support style; references stylesuperlist.2da Source-small


the suggested starting stats

startingfocus startingchi

the values for these stats may deviate from what one would get by deriving them from the primary stats
description the character's backstory; points to an entry in the dialog.tlk
gender the character's gender
active  ???
readyanim references animations.2da Source-small
readytwitch references animations.2da Source-small
oneworddesc short character description; points to an entry in the dialog.tlk
disabled can possibly be used to reduce the number of characters in the opening menu; untested
loadingset  ???