This 2da contains the effects of the all the game's gems. Note that the in-game appearance - icon, price, etc. - is featured in items.2da Source-small

Most Common EffectsEdit

Many effects are possible in this 2da, but the following are used most often:

effect meaning
37 modifies health base
38 modifies chi base
39 modifies focus base
17 modifies intimidation skill
18 modifies intuition skill
19 modifies charm skill

The Columns of gems.2daEdit

column name meaning
Label internal name of the gem
Level (unused)
CombatOnly possible values:

  • 0 effects are active all the time
  • 1 effects are active in combat only (mostly used for gem armors)
UpgradeCost (unused)
Upgrade (unused)
EffectX effect(s) of this gem; references rows in effects.2da Source-small
ParameterX additional parameter for EffectX; in case of a gem that increases the PCs Focus e.g., this column would contain the amount of that increase
DurationX (probably unused; all gem effects are permanent)
UniqueSet if a gem has a number other than 0 here, it belongs to a unique set; only a single gem of a unique set may be equipped by the player at any given time.
MinAlignment the minimum alignment that is required to equip this gem; used to restrict gems to Open Palm characters (completely Closed Fist characters have an alignment of 0)
MaxAlignment the maximum alignment that is required to equip this gem; used to restrict gems to Closed Fist characters (completely Open Palm characters have an alignment of 255)
AlignmentSRTREF when the player tries to equip a gem for which he or she doesn't have the required alignment a dialog with this message pops up and the equipment is cancelled; references an entry in the dialog.tlk