Effects are used all over the place in Jade Empire's 2das. And this 2da is where they're all defined. That makes this one a central hub to which you will return again and again. And so this page will not only explain the 2da itself, but also comment each and every effect (or at least the tested ones). Note however that the game makes a clear distinction between effects and visual effects. The visual effects are defined in visualeffects.2da Source-small and - more importantly - in visualcrusts.2da Source-small.

A lot of effects need further definition. EFFECT_DEBILITATION e.g. knows many variations and is further defined in debilitation.2da Source-small. So whenever you want to use a debilitating effect you have to specify two values: the row from effects.2da that defines EFFECT_DEBILITATION and the row from debilitation.2da that contains the details.

But there's not always an entire 2da devoted to a single effect. Some 2das - statbattery.2da e.g. - provide details for multiple effects. And so the row values from statbattery.2da Source-small are already entered in effects.2da. That means you only need a single value - the row from effects.2da - to specify these effects.

The Columns of effects.2daEdit

column meaning
label internal name for the effect
effectid internal use ONLY! there are no practical uses for modders
durationtype possible values are number between 0 and 7; see Duration Types for details
2da the 2da that further defines the effect; references scriptlist.2da Source-small
row row of the 2da that further defines the effect

List of EffectsEdit

index label duration 2da row meaning
0 EFFECT_INVALID (none) (none) (none) not used directly; use GetIsEffectValid() instead
1 EFFECT_DEBILITATION temporary debilitation.2da Source-small (none) debilitating effects: freeze, slow, paralyze, petrify, timestop (unused), metalized (unused)
2 EFFECT_DECAPITATION instant decapitation.2da Source-small (none) decapitation effect for bladed weapons
3 EFFECT_DAMAGEOVERTIME heartbeat poison.2da Source-small (none) damage over time effects: Viper poisoning effect, Tempest area attack, Ice Shard area attack, Storm Dragon (all attacks), cannon fire (j01_beach), Horse Demon fire effect, mummy disease, etc.
4 EFFECT_VIRALEFFECT temporary viral.2da Source-small (none) untested; probably meant for contagious effects that spread to adjacent opponents; unused in the game
5 EFFECT_KNOCKBACK instant knockbackinfo.2da Source-small (none) knockback effects; the additional 2da has info about visual effects, radius, knockback distance, damage (if any), etc.
6 EFFECT_INVULNERABLE temporary statmodifybase.2da Source-small 5 does not seem to work; use script functions SetCombatAreaInvulnerable() and SetInvulnerable() instead
7 EFFECT_PARALYZED temporary debilitation.2da Source-small 1 paralyzes target
8 EFFECT_LINK (none) (none) (none)
9 EFFECT_MODIFYHEALTH instant statmodify.2da Source-small 6 decrease/increase health - does not alter maximum chi
10 EFFECT_MODIFYCHI instant statmodify.2da Source-small 7 decrease/increase chi - does not alter maximum chi
11 EFFECT_MODIFYFOCUS instant statmodify.2da Source-small 8 decrease/increase focus - does not alter maximum focus
12 EFFECT_MODIFYDRUNK instant statmodify.2da Source-small 9 (does nothing; see note below)
13 EFFECT_UNLIMITEDCHI temporary statmodifybase.2da Source-small 6 (untested)
14 EFFECT_DISABLEAI temporary debilitation.2da Source-small 5 temporarily "pacifies" enemies
15 EFFECT_DRAGONFIRE temporary areaofeffect.2da Source-small 1 Dire Flame area attack
16 EFFECT_EFFECTICON (none) (none) (none) (does nothing)
17 EFFECT_MODIFYINTIMIDATE instant (none) (none) increase/decrease intimidate skill
18 EFFECT_MODIFYINTUITION instant (none) (none) increase/decrease intuition skill
19 EFFECT_MODIFYCHARM instant (none) (none) increase/decrease charm skill
20 EFFECT_RINGOUT instant ringout.2da Source-small (none)  ??? (remainder of a muliplayer component?)
21 EFFECT_DAMAGEHEALTHNOANIM instant statmodify.2da Source-small 5 like EFFECT_DAMAGEHEALTH but without visual effect
22 EFFECT_DAMAGEHEALTH instant statmodify.2da Source-small 1 health damage
23 EFFECT_DAMAGECHI instant statmodify.2da Source-small 2 chi damage
24 EFFECT_DAMAGEFOCUS instant statmodify.2da Source-small 3 focus damage
25 EFFECT_DAMAGEDRUNK instant statmodify.2da Source-small 4 (does nothing; see note below)
26 EFFECT_FLOATY instant floaty.2da Source-small (none) (doesn't work; use DisplayFloatyFeedback() instead)
27 EFFECT_STATMODIFY instant statmodify.2da Source-small (none) general effect for statmodify.2da Source-small; unused and probably not needed
28 EFFECT_TRANSFERHEALTH instant stattransfer.2da Source-small 1 (untested; probably transfers health from one character to another)
29 EFFECT_TRANSFERCHI instant stattransfer.2da Source-small 2 transfers chi from one character to another; used for Spirit Thief
30 EFFECT_TRANSFERFOCUS instant stattransfer.2da Source-small 3 (untested; probably transfers focus from one character to another)
31 EFFECT_TRANSFERDRUNK instant stattransfer.2da Source-small 4 (doesn't work; see note below)
32 EFFECT_DYING temporary death.2da Source-small (none) death animations and visual effects; use EffectDeath() in scripts
33 EFFECT_DEATH innate (none) (none) instantaneously kills creature without visual effects or animations
34 EFFECT_SUPERBLOCK (none) (none) (none) (probably meant as an unbreakable block; doesn't work)
35 EFFECT_RESURRECTION instant (none) (none) (untested; might be used to resurrect henchman that have fallen in combat)
36 EFFECT_CHICHARGED (none) (none) (none)  ???
37 EFFECT_MODIFYHEALTHBASE temporary statmodifybase.2da Source-small 1 increase/decrease maximum health - does not increase of increase current health
38 EFFECT_MODIFYCHIBASE temporary statmodifybase.2da Source-small 2 increase/decrease maximum chi- does not increase of increase current chi
39 EFFECT_MODIFYFOCUSBASE temporary statmodifybase.2da Source-small 3 increase/decrease maximum focus- does not increase of increase current focus
40 EFFECT_MODIFYDRUNKBASE temporary statmodifybase.2da Source-small 4 (doesn't work; see note below)
41 EFFECT_AREAOFEFFECT instant areaofeffect.2da Source-small (none) area effects for various combat styles; mostly for area attacks
42 EFFECT_STATTRANSFER instant stattransfer.2da Source-small (none) general effect for stattransfer.2da Source-small; probably unused
43 EFFECT_AREAOFEFFECT_DURATION temporary areaofeffect.2da Source-small (none) area attack with lasting or repetitive effects
44 EFFECT_CONFUSETEMP temporary confusioneffects.2da Source-small (none)
45 EFFECT_CONFUSEPERM permanent confusioneffects.2da Source-small (none)
46 EFFECT_MODSTATOVERTIME heartbeat2 modstatovertime.2da Source-small (none) support effects of henchmen
47 EFFECT_MODSTYLETYPEDAM innate modstyletypedam.2da Source-small (none) modify the damage of not just one but a group of styles (all weapon styles e.g.); see styletypes.2da Source-small for group definitions
48 EFFECT_RELEASEPOWERUP heartbeat2 releasepowerups.2da Source-small (none) (probably unused)
49 EFFECT_MULTIFFECT temporary multipleeffects.2da Source-small (none) most 2das have only a small number of effect columns - some like the Style 2das only a single one; that limitation can be bypassed with multieffects; they're basically a list of effects rolled into one
50 EFFECT_COUNTDOWNEFFECT temporary (none) (none) (untested; timer of harmonic combos ???)
51 EFFECT_DELAYEDEFFECT temporary delayedeffects.2da Source-small (none) effects that do not kick in immediately like the ice bloc of Ice Shard's area attack
52 EFFECT_EFFECTOVERTIME heartbeat effectsovertime.2da Source-small (none) repetitive effects like Stone Immortal's area attack
53 EFFECT_TRANSFORMATION temporary transformation.2da Source-small (none) (probably unused; player does not get this effect when he/she uses a tranformation style)
54 EFFECT_TRANSFORM instant transformation.2da Source-small (none) (probably unused; player does not get this effect when he/she uses a tranformation style)
55 EFFECT_TRANSFORMED heartbeat2 stylecost.2da Source-small (none) (probably unused; player does not get this effect when he/she uses a tranformation style; use GetCurrentStyle() and GetStyleType() instead)
56 EFFECT_STATBATTERY heartbeat statbattery.2da Source-small (none) used for Spirit Thief
57 EFFECT_EVADE temporary evade.2da Source-small (none)  ???
58 EFFCT_CRUST instant visualcrusts.2da Source-small (none) visual crust effect; only for use in 2das; use CreateCrustEffect() in scripts
59 EFFECT_STEALTH temporary stealth.2da Source-small (none) (untested; not used in the game)
60 EFFECT_DAMAGEARMOR permanent damagearmor.2da Source-small (none) damage armors
61 EFFECT_STATMODIFYBASE temporary statmodifybase.2da Source-small (none) general effect for statmodifybase.2da Source-small; probably not needed
62 EFFECT_MODIFYBODYBASE instant statmodifybase.2da Source-small 7 increase/decrease body
63 EFFECT_PROJECTILE instant (none) (none) (probably unused; use projectile.2da Source-small directly or ActionCastSpell() and PlaceableCastSpell() in scripts
64 EFFECT_MODIFYMINDBASE instant statmodifybase.2da Source-small 8 increase/decrease mind
65 EFFECT_MODIFYSPIRITBASE instant statmodifybase.2da Source-small 9 increase/decrease spirit
66 EFFECT_PETRIFIED instant debilitation.2da Source-small 4 petrifies target; used by Stone Immortal
67 EFFECT_AOE_FIRE_OVER_TIME heartbeat poison.2da Source-small 15 Dire Flame incineration effect
68 STYLE_MODHCOST innate (none) 0 untested; used to modify a style's healt cost?
69 STYLE_MODCCOST innate (none) 1 modifies the chi cost of a magic or transformation style
70 STYLE_MODFCOST innate (none) 2 modifies the focus cost of a weapon style
71 STYLE_MODDCOST innate (none) 3 (does nothing; see note about drunk effects below)
72 STYLE_MODHDAM innate (none) 4 modifies a style's health damage
73 STYLE_MODCDAM innate (none) 5 modifies a style's chi damage
74 STYLE_MODFDAM innate (none) 6 modifies a style's focus damage
75 STYLE_MODDDAM innate (none) 7 (does nothing; see note about drunk effects below)
76 STYLE_MODEDAM innate (none) 8  ???
77 STYLE_MODHBLK innate (none) 9 (probably unused)
78 STYLE_MODCBLK innate (none) 10 (probably unused)
79 STYLE_MODFBLK innate (none) 11 (probably unused)
80 STYLE_MODDBLK innate (none) 12 (probably unused)
81 STYLE_MODSPEED innate (none) 14 modifies a style's attack speed
82 STYLE_MODHEALUPPERSEC innate (none) 15 untested; modifies a style's healing speed ???
83 STYLE_MODEBLK innate (none) 13 (probably unused)
84 STYLE_CHIMODEMULT innate (none) 16 increases the multiplier that is applied to a style's health damage while in chi mode
85 STYLE_RANGEMULT innate (none) 17 increases range of a style's area effects
86 STYLE_DURATIONMULT innate (none) 18 increases the duration of a style's effects (where applicable)
87 STYLE_RESIST innate resistances.2da Source-small (none) while the player uses this style he/she resists styles from the respective styles in resistances.2da Source-small; WARNING: this effects rubs off on all other styles !!!
88 FOCUS_ADD_PACKET instant (none) (none)  ???
89 EFFECT_TEXTUREREPLACE temporary texturereplace.2da Source-small (none) this is the only visual effect in effects.2da; replaces a characters texture with another one; used for petrification e.g.; in scripts you need to use RestoreCreatureMaterial() to undo this effect
90 STYLE_MODCHIHEALCOST innate (none) 20 (untested)
91 FOCUS_SLOW instant (none) (none)  ???
92 FOCUS_DAMAGE_BONUS instant (none) (none)  ???
93 FOCUS_SHOW_INVUL instant (none) (none)  ???
94 FOCUS_SHOW_VUL instant (none) (none)  ???
95 FOCUS_DAZED instant (none) (none)  ???
96 EFFECT_OBJECTSCALE heartbeat (none) (none)  ???
97 EFFECT_MODIFYHEALTHPERCENT instant statmodify.2da Source-small 6 (untested)
98 EFFECT_MODIFYCHIPERCENT instant statmodify.2da Source-small 7 (untested)
99 EFFECT_MODIFYFOCUSPERCENT instant statmodify.2da Source-small 8 (untested)
100 EFFECT_MODIFYDRUNKPERCENT instant statmodify.2da Source-small 9 (does nothing; see note about drunk effects below)
101 EFFECT_SIGNALEVENT instant (none) (none) (does not work)
102 EFFECT_CONFUSE_INNATE innate confusioneffects.2da Source-small (none)
103 EFFECT_QUICKSILVER_CLEAR instant multipleeffects.2da Source-small 22 (the Quicksilver style didn't make it into the final version of the game)
104 EFFECT_INVULNERABLE_SHORT temporary statmodifybase.2da Source-small 10 (untested)
105 EFFECT_TRANSFER_CHI_TO_HEALTH instant stattransfer.2da Source-small 7 in-game healing
106 EFFECT_UNBLOCKABLE temporary2 (none) (none) gives player the ability to break blocks with regular attacks
107 EFFECT_STATSHIELD temporary2 statshield.2da Source-small (none) (probably unused)
108 EFFECT_TIMESTOP temporary2 debilitation.2da Source-small 10 (does not seem to work)
109 EFFECT_DEBILITATION_PERM innate debilitation.2da Source-small (none)
110 EFFECT_HARMONICSTART instant (none) (none)
111 EFFECT_WEAPONDRAIN innate (none) (none) (probably unused)
112 EFFECT_SLAMSLOWED temporary2 debilitation.2da Source-small 17 (untestd)
113 EFFECT_TEXTUREREPLACE innate texturereplace.2da Source-small (none) same as 89 but with different DURATION_TYPE
114 EFFECT_UNLIMITEDCHI_PerM instant statmodifybase.2da Source-small 11
115 EFFECT_DEBUGSHOWDURATION heartbeat2 (none) (none) (does not work)
116 EFFECT_REVTRANSFERHEALTH instant stattransfer.2da Source-small 8
117 EFFECT_REVTRANSFERCHI instant stattransfer.2da Source-small 9
118 EFFECT_MODIFYCHI_HI instant statmodify.2da Source-small 12
119 EFFECT_MODIFY_CHIFOCUS instant statmodify.2da Source-small 13
120 EFFECT_DAMAGEINCREASE permanent (none) 15 (does not seem to work; use 72 or 47 instead)
121 EFFECT_TRANSFERCHI instant stattransfer.2da Source-small 10
122 EFFECT_DAMAGEARMOR_Perm permanent damagearmor.2da Source-small (none) damage armors that do not require a gem

A note on Drunk EffectsEdit

At some early stage of the game there seem to have been plans for lots of drunk effects: drunk speaking, drunk walking, etc. There also seems to have been an entire combat system arranged around drunk effects. Fortunately the developers decide to scrap all of this, but traces in a number of 2das remained behind.

Using Effects in ScriptsEdit

The constructor for most of these effects is Create2DAEffect():

effect fireArmor = Create2DAEffect(60, "1");

Some effects however are used so frequently that they have their own constructors:

index label constructor
9 EFFECT_MODIFYHEALTH EffectModifyHealth()
10 EFFECT_MODIFYCHI EffectModifyChi()
11 EFFECT_MODIFYFOCUS EffectModifyFocus()
22 EFFECT_DAMAGEHEALTH EffectDamageHealth()
23 EFFECT_DAMAGECHI EffectDamageChi()
24 EFFECT_DAMAGEFOCUS EffectDamageFocus()

Style EffectsEdit

Style modifying effects cannot be used directly in scripts. Use ApplyStyleAdvanceLine() instead.

Duration TypesEdit

You do not need to specify the duration type of effects in most of the 2das, but when you use scripting functions such as Create2DAEffect() you must use the duration type effects.2a dictates. The possible values for duration types are identical to the DURATION_TYPE constants in nwscript.nss:


value constant meaning
0 DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT effect is applied exactly once
1 DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY effect is only temporary and will be undone after a specified time
2 DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT effect is permanent until a script cancels it
4 DURATION_TYPE_INNATE effect is an irreversible modification
5 DURATION_TYPE_HEARTBEAT effects last as long as a heartbeat-scripts refreshes it