The internal chapter count deviates from the in-game chapter count. Within the game the Great Southern Forest belongs to the same chapter as Tien's Landing. Internally however the Great Southern Forest is part of chapter 3.

As a consequence all the filenames are slightly off. j04_arena_tavern.sav e.g. belongs to the in-game chapter 3, but the internal chapter 4 - hence the 4 in the filename.

in-game chapter internal chapter location map
1 Two Rivers School 01-two-rivers
Two Rivers Village
Spirit Cave 02-spirit-cave
Swamp 03-swamp
Swamp Cave 04-swamp-cave
Two Rivers Return 05-two-rivers-destroyed
2 2 Dam Site 06-crashsite-dam
Tien's Landing 07-tiens-landing
Teahouse 08-teahouse
Boathouse 09-dockhouse
Ruins 10-tiens-landing-ruins
Quarry 11-tiens-landing-quarry
Lower Pirate Island 18-lower-pirate-island
Pirate Workshop 19-kangs-workshop
3 Great Southern Forest 14-great-southern-forest
Pilgrim's Rest Inn 15-pilgrims-inn
Heaven 17-heaven
Cannibal Caves 16-cannibal-caves
3 4 Market District 20-imperial-city-market-district
Golden Way 24-imperial-city-golden-way
Scholars' Garden 25-imperial-city-scholars-garden
Imperial Arena 21-arena-tavern
Creature Pens 22-arena-ground-floor
Black Leopard School 23-imperial-city-black-leopard-school
The Necropolis 26-imperial-city-necropolis
Lotus Assassin Fortress 27-lotus-assassin-fortress
4 5 Imperial Palace 28-palace
Throne Room 29-throne-room
5 6 Spirit Plain 30-spirit-plain
Outer Courtyard 31-dirge-outer-courtyard
Inner Courtyard 32-dirge-inner-courtyard
Dirge Cave 33-dirge-cave
Temple Courtyard 34-dirge-temple-courtyard
Temple of Dirge 35-dirge-temple
6 7 Temple of Dirge
Temple Courtyard 36-dirge-temple-courtyard
Outer Courtyard 37-dirge-outer-courtyard
7 8 Imperial Palace see above
Throne Room see above