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Most Important 2DAsEdit

The following list is going to be rather long and not all listed 2das are equally interesting, so here's a small hand-picked selection of 2das every modder should look at at least once:

List of 2dasEdit

Not all of the game's 2das are included in the following list. A substantial number of them appear to be unused and not all of the ones that appear to be in use have a known purpose. If you find out something of interest about a 2da that's not in this list, by all means, do add it!

Note that the Style 2das, the Area Reward 2das and the Henchmen 2das are listed separately.

There are two 2das that are particularly important because they contain the master lists:

  • 2das.2da contains the master list of all other 2das. Every time a 2da refers to another one, it does so via 2das.2da
  • For some peculiar reason or another, there's a secondary master for the scripting language. Whenever you encounter a 2da reference in a script, you need to look it up in scriptlist.2da which will give you the key in 2das.2da which will give you the actual 2da.

filename contents
2das.2da Source-small master list
animations.2da Source-small non-combat animations (combat animations are in defaultas.2da Source-small)
animgroups.2da Source-small animations that are chained together (referenced by animations.2da Source-small)
animpriority.2da Source-small which animations take precedence in case of conflict (referenced by animations.2da Source-small)
appearance.2da Source-small models, body textures and other data about the characters
areaofeffect.2da Source-small effects, radius and other data about area attacks
attackpatterns.2da Source-small AI info that relates to the opponent's difficulty: gimps, lieutenants, subbosses and bosses
bodyovermats.2da Source-small alternative textures for some of the character models
books.2da Source-small lists the book names, their texts and to which bookset they belong
combataiprob.2da Source-small predefined combat AI packages
combataitemplate.2da Source-small templates for the combat AI: aggressiveness, probabilities for attacks, blocks, healing etc.
crowdlist.2da Source-small crowds are groups of creatures that cannot be controled individually and cannot interact with the pc
cscreen.2da Source-small tutorial screens
damagearmor.2da Source-small defines the damage armors
death.2da Source-small effects and visual effects of npc death's
deathhints.2da Source-small hints to show on the pc's death dialog
debilitation.2da Source-small defines debilitating effects: slowing, paralyzation, petrification, etc.
decapitation.2da Source-small decapitation effects (sword, double axes, death's razor)
defaultas.2da Source-small all non-style-specific combat animations like running, dodging, falling, etc. (non-combat animations are in animations.2da Source-small)
def_good_evil.2da Source-small alignment-related effects
delayedeffects.2da Source-small defines the slow starting magic attacks
diffmodify.2da Source-small how much damage npcs do to the pc (and vice versa) under the different difficulty settings
dyingtype.2da Source-small
effects.2da Source-small the basic building blocks for the compound effects in gems.2da Source-small, improvements.2da Source-small and many others
effectsovertime.2da Source-small long lasting effects like the Stone Immortal area attack
floaty.2da Source-small unused; this one is only on the list, so no one will waste any more time on it; it really is useless
gems.2da Source-small effects and bonusses of gems
globals.2da Source-small global variables (used for scripting)
good_evil.2da Source-small alignment modifiers
headovermats.2da Source-small alternative texures for some of the head models
heads.2da Source-small head models for character whose model does not include a head
improvements.2da Source-small effects and bonusses of the techniques
items.2da Source-small names, icons, models, prices and type of gems, improvements, weapons and powerups
knockbackinfo.2da Source-small info about the attacks and damage armors that knock enemies back
levelxp.2da Source-small required expierence for level-ups
loadmovie.2da Source-small movies that are shown while new areas load
loadscreen}} load screen files and to which set they belong
mappins.2da Source-small names and textures of the pins on the in-game map
modstatovertime.2da Source-small henchmen support effects
modstyletypedam.2da Source-small effects that modify not a singular but an entire group of styles
movie.2da Source-small names of movies that are specific to one of the seven PC characters
multipleeffects.2da Source-small lists compound effects that have too many components to be listed in gems.2da Source-small, improvements.2da Source-small and many others
music.2da Source-small lists soundbank offsets of a number of the game's music pieces; this 2da is probably purely informational
namelist.2da Source-small name suggestion for the character creation
placeables.2da Source-small models and in-game names of placeables like barrels, vases, etc.
players.2da Source-small standard names, styles and stats of the pc characters
plot_items.2da Source-small unused; this one is only on the list, so no one will waste any more time on it; it really is useless
poison.2da Source-small damage-over-time effects
powerups.2da Source-small items that opponents drop like chi orbs, wine bottles, etc.
projectiles.2da Source-small magic projectiles
questgold.2da Source-small gold for quests that aren't defined in the Area Reward 2das
questxp.2da Source-small xp for quests that aren't defined in the Area Reward 2das
rank.2da Source-small info for the combat AI
resistances.2da Source-small which styles immunize against which other styles
rt_ch1.2da Source-small random treasure for chapter 1
rt_ch2.2da Source-small random treasure for chapter 2
rt_ch2_2.2da Source-small random treasure for chapter 3
rt_ch3.2da Source-small random treasure for chapter 4
rt_ch4.2da Source-small random treasure for chapter 5
rt_ch5.2da Source-small random treasure for chapter 6
rt_ch6.2da Source-small random treasure for chapter 7
scriptlist.2da Source-small index for 2das.2da Source-small
soundset.2da Source-small offset for creature soundsets
spells.2da Source-small effects of support and magic styles
statbattery.2da Source-small regenerative effects of Spirit Thief and Red Minister styles
statmodify.2da Source-small heal and damage effects
statmodifybase.2da Source-small increase and decrease of base stats (used by gems.2da Source-small and improvements.2da Source-small)
stattransfer.2da Source-small chi tranfer effects of Spirit Thief and Red Minister styles
stringtokens.2da Source-small special strings for the dialog.tlk
styleadvance.2da Source-small defines the effects, costs, names etc. of style level-ups
stylecost.2da Source-small style chi and focus costs
styledata.2da Source-small list the 2das that define combat styles
stylepoints.2da Source-small the amount of style points a player receives at level up
stylesuperlist.2da Source-small all basic info about the combat styles
styletypes.2da Source-small style types: martial, weapon, transformation, magic, etc.
synergy.2da Source-small Harmonic Combo effects
texturereplace.2da Source-small textures that can be used to replace head and body textures (petrification e.g.)
transformation.2da Source-small basic info about the transformation styles
visualcrusts.2da Source-small crusts are compound visual effects
visualeffects.2da Source-small basic building blocks for visual crusts
weapons.2da Source-small unused; this one is only on the list, so no one will waste any more time on it; it really is useless