An area is a distinct section of the game that is loaded separately from all other sections. There are two files for each area: a SAV file and an ARE file. Both have the same name/tag but different file extensions. The SAVs are embedded in the player's savegames. The AREs are not. Once a player has entered an area for the first time, changes to the AREs will still have an effect, but changes to the SAVs seemingly will not. That's because the game engine uses the SAV that's in the save and no longer the SAV in the override folder. Saves that were made before the player entered the area are not affected by this "little" problem of course.

Both file types are GFF files and can be edited with K-GFF.

data in the SAVs:

  • area name
  • creatures
  • placeables
  • sound effects
  • stores
  • triggers
  • waypoints

data in the AREs:

  • ambient sounds
  • ambient music
  • scripts

Note that the rewards for quests and the contents of placeables are in neither of these types of files but in the Area Reward 2das.

Complete List of AreasEdit

This list is ordered chronologically - or as chronologically as possible. See Chapters for info about internal numbering of areas.

tag location map
j01_town Two Rivers, school (before its destruction) 01-two-rivers
j01_beach Two Rivers, town (before its destruction)
j01_spiritcave spirit cave 02-spirit-cave
j01_swamp swamp 03-swamp
j01_swampcave swamp cave 04-swamp-cave
j01_townc Two Rivers, town (after its destruction) 05-two-rivers-destroyed
j01_townbroke Two Rivers, school (after its destruction)
j02_ruins crash site + dam in front of Tien's Landing 06-crashsite-dam
j02_tienlanding Tien's Landing proper 07-tiens-landing
j02_teahouse teahouse in Tien's Landing 08-teahouse
j02_fightclub dockhouse in Tien's Landing 09-dockhouse
j02_ruinslower ruins of old Tien's Landing 10-tiens-landing-ruins
j02_caves quarry below the ruins of old Tien's Landing 11-tiens-landing-quarry
j02_ruins (same as above) crash site + dam (flooded) 12-crashsite-dam-flooded
j02_tienlanding (same as above) Tien's Landing (flooded) 13-tiens-landing-flooded
j02_pirates lower pirate island 18-lower-pirate-island
j02_workshop Kang's workshop and upper pirate island 19-kangs-workshop
j03_forest great southern forest 14-great-southern-forest
j03_inn Pilgrim's Inn in Great Southern Forest 15-pilgrims-inn
j03_caves cannibal caves 16-cannibal-caves
j03_heaven heaven (Forest Shadow's realm) 17-heaven
j03_furnace Lord Lao's furnace 00-lord-laos-furnace
j04_city_core Imperial City, market district 20-imperial-city-market-district
j04_arena_tavern arena tavern 21-arena-tavern
j04_arena_pens arena pens 22-arena-ground-floor
j04_arena_qual arena (qualifying rounds)
j04_arena_brnz arena (bronze rounds)
j04_arena_silv arena (silver rounds)
j04_arena_gold arena (gold rounds)
j04_city_kfs Imperial City, Black Leopard School 23-imperial-city-black-leopard-school
j04_city_rich Imperial City, Golden Way 24-imperial-city-golden-way
j04_mhostel Imperial City, hostel
j04_scholar Imperial City, Scholars' Garden 25-imperial-city-scholars-garden
j04_necropolis Imperial City, necropolis 26-imperial-city-necropolis
j04_lotus Lotus Assassin fortress 27-lotus-assassin-fortress
j05_palace palace (first visit) 28-palace
j05_throne throne room (first visit) 29-throne-room
j06_spirit spirit plain 30-spirit-plain
j06_outercourt outer court of Dirge (before the resurrection) 31-dirge-outer-courtyard
j06_innercourt inner court of Dirge (before the resurrection) 32-dirge-inner-courtyard
j06_cave1 bull demon cave 33-dirge-cave
j06_templecourt temple court of Dirge (before the resurrection) 34-dirge-temple-courtyard
j06_templetop temple top of Dirge (before the resurrection) 35-dirge-temple
j06_partycall party is called back to player
j07_drm_town dream of destroyed Two Rivers
j07_outercourt outer court of Dirge (after the resurrection) 36-dirge-temple-courtyard
j07_templecourt temple court of Dirge (after the resurrection) 37-dirge-outer-courtyard
j08_temple Dirge (after fighting Death's Hand) see j06_templetop
j08_palace palace (second visit) see j05_palace
j08_mind mind battle against Li 00-mind-battle
j08_throne throne room (second visit) see j05_throne