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This 2da contains the basic information about the PCs' and the NPCs' looks.

All of the PCs and a few select NPCs have complete models but most of the NPCs have split models. They have a body model and a separate head model. That little trick allowed the developers to recombine heads and bodies to create more character variety. The information about the heads can be found in heads.2da Source-small.

The PC appearances are decided by players.2da Source-small. For all other characters you need to consult their CRE files to find out which row in this 2da and which row in heads.2da Source-small contains their data.

The columns of appearance.2daEdit

column meaning
LABEL the appearance's internal name
MODELA the model (see notes about models in the intro)
NeckSocketType not all heads fit neatly onto every body model; consult this column and the corresponding column in heads.2da Source-small to find out which combinations are guaranteed to look good
IsCombatant whether the character will join combat or not; this column does not tell you whether the character's model is suitable for combat or not


these 5 columns probably define the speed with which the character moves when not in combat


AlwaysPacking possible values:
  • 0: character appears unarmed when not in combat
  • 1: character always carries a weapon - even if not in combat
Skeleton possible values:
  • human
  • golem
  • rat
  • bull
  • fox
  • elephant
  • toad
  • dweller
CrustSkeleton crust effect that is always on; references visualcrusts.2da Source-small


these 7 columns appear to be unused; they can probably be used for color effects, but that is untested
FootstepType footstep sounds; reference to footstepsounds.2da Source-small
ShadowScale some characters - like Jade Golems e.g - have shadows that are larger than the standard; base size is 1
ShadowModel the model for the shadow
DefaultSoundSet soundsets contain the basic sounds a character makes; see soundset.2da Source-small for a list; the sounds and the sound banks are located in ...\Jade Empire\sounds\SOUNDSETS; it does not appear to be possible to add or modify sounds without editing the sound banks (XWB and XSB files); the sound banks were created with XACT
DriveAnimSneak most likely unused since there's no stealth and no sneaking in Jade Empire
HitSoundType reference to hitsounds.2da Source-small
AnimModBase possibly a reference to animmovalues.2da Source-small; purpose unknown
BodyFallType possible values:
  • 0: normal
  • 1: large
  • 2: giant

see bodyfallsounds.2da Source-small for details

BodyBagModel model for the remains the character leaves behind when he dies; unused in the game; there do not appear to be any models and it probably doesn't work anyway
DeathType reference to dyingtype.2da Source-small (no not death.2da Source-small!)
IsCrowd possible values:
  • 0: regular character that the PC can interact with
  • 1: part of a non-interactive crowd object
StyleSuper the character's default style; references stylesuperlist.2da Source-small; only demons, golems, cannibals and lost spirits have default styles; Forrest Spirit e.g. has the default style "Fox Demon" -> appearance.2da Source-small::137(JadeSpirit_f) => stylesuperlist.2da Source-small::59(C_Fox_Demon)
SpawnCrust visual that is shown when the character spawns; references visualcrusts.2da Source-small
AnimGroupsBlocked animations the character cannot perform? probably referencs animgroups.2da Source-small
AnimMoveScale  ???
SwingSound probably unused
CreatureClass possible values (taken from j00_i_reward_cbt.nss):
  • 0 or ****: ordinary human
  • 1: lotus assassin
  • 2: ghost
  • 3: demon
  • 4: golem
  • 5: superboss

used by scripts for determining the character's combat difficulty and rewards

ResistanceID reference to resistances.2da Source-small (empty for (almost) all human characters)
PlayDamageAnimations possible values:
  • 1: play damage animations
  • 0: no damage animations
LargeCreature possible values:
  • 0: regular sized creature
  • 1: large/giant creature
DefaultSoundCue used for characters (mostly animals) that have no soundset
AreaStuntModel  ???
CharacterScale some characters - like Jade Golems e.g - are larger than the standard; base size is 1
FloatyHook where to display floating text above the character's head?
EvadeAI probably unused; seems to reference evade.2da Source-small; purpose unknown; untested